Athletic Facilities

Gym, Health Club, Martial Arts Studio, Yoga Studio...

Electrostatic Application System

The use of an Electrostatic Application System allows us to more completely cover all kinds of surfaces better than conventional sprayers, wipes / rubs.  Better coverage, more protection.

Athletic Facilities Challenges

Common Illnesses (germs / pathogens) carried by team members, users...
Common Cold, Flu, E. Coli, MRSA, Norovirus... 90+ pathogens in all.  MicroShield 360 is your 24/7 first line of defence in preventing the spread of germs / pathogens through cross contamination on a multitude of surfaces. Pathogen list.


Cross Contamination
Many germs / pathogens can be transferred from human to human by cross contamination on a multitude of surfaces. i.e. door knobs, counters, equipment, free weights, shower rooms, stationary bicycle, tables, light switches, locker rooms, weight machines, wrestling mats, yoga mats... MicroShield 360 can be used on these surfaces and numerous others to control or elimamage cross contamination.


Disinfectant-resistant Germs / Pathogens

MicroShield 360 is a Disinfectant or Germicide which uses a mechanical means rather than a chemical means to kill or eliminate germs / pathogens.  This mechanical process makes it impossible for germs / pathogens to develop a resistance to it, as some can to chemical disinfectants. 


Infection Prevention

MicroShield 360 is a long lasting prevention system that works 24/7 for up to one year fighting germs and pathogens on treated surfaces.

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