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Professional EPA Registered Products

DPS is now your local supplier of GREEN cost-effective concentrate and ready to use cleaning & sanitizing products as well as state of the art equipment to apply cleaners and sanitizers for both large and small scale applications, which will deliver the best coverage and efficiency.  Our products not only cover general business applications, restaurants, schools, large venues.. they are designed for agricultural cleaning and sanitizing (beef, pork & poultry production and processing) and are specifically formulated for use in animal enclosures, transportation (truck washout including tankers) processing & rendering facilities...  


Use your existing cleaning and sanitizing equipment with our products or add our state of the art advanced equipment to your cleaning and sanitizing regiment.  Superior Surface coverage, ease of use and cost savings.  Contact us today for a free demonstration, samples and or pricing.   

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A cost-effective solutions to a common problem.

Business / Commercial / Education

Application Services

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